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I have been listening to this Podcast for over a year now. I find their husband/wife dynamic cute as, and often have a chuckle when they make jokes about knowing eachother so well (#relationshipgoals). They cover nearly every topic, and some of my hacks are their hacks.

Yet another PCT thru-hiker… I love her intro “Hi ya’ll, Dixie here”. The accent bewitches me and I find myself wanting to buy everything she suggests, I should write and get her a commission. She is a balls-out female that appears to have the utmost confidence in her body’s ability to do feats of endurance. She is a huge inspiration as a female hiker.
Never say to me a poodle is a poncey dog! This is Rudi (Rudolph), he is two years old and loves other dogs and walks on the beach, his ball, eating human food. We have trained him from such an early age to enjoy being active. He is an apartment dog but regularly comes out for hikes with us up the bush.
On every walk we do, bush or concrete, he inspires me. His enthusiasm, boundless energy, and endurance. I am insanely curious what he smells when rooting around in plants, trash, other animals. He runs ahead and then doubles back, smiling at me and hustling me to go faster, go further, never stop. We are so bonded because of our time hiking together. Feeding him from my hand mid-hike, and giving him water from my bladder, oh the list goes on…
These two did all of the great walks of New Zealand in around a year I believe, wow. The mini-vids they have posted of the walks inspire me to tick them off. I had a New Years resolution last year to do most of them – suffice to say I did not achieve this. I have compromised with myself and now aim to complete two in 2019.
I got this book out very early. It has amazing photography that would inspire any trail-hungry individual.
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Where would a female hiking blog end up if it didn’t reference the most PCT inspiring book ever written muhahahhahha! Similar to Carrot Quinn, Cheryl Strayed adds an element of angst, struggle and vulnerability that adds depth to hiking. There is something more than ‘getting to the end’ for trails for me. There is so much to prove and achieve and this book encapsulates this perfectly. I’ve watched the movie many times and adore Reese Witherspoon’s portrayal of Cheryl. Gosh I get tingles thinking about it!